The Premiere Glove Holder is designed to be an aid to all golfers who wear a golf glove while playing the game.


It is - A Place for golf glove(s).  It is easily accessible every time you are at the golf bag to get a club or return or retrieve something from the bag.  The Glove Holder allows mother nature to "Air Out" and dry the glove(s) Naturally.  Gloves will tend to last longer and will not get crusty and brittle.  No more wet gloves put away in golf bag.

Attaching the Premiere Glove Holder to any golf bag is easy by utilizing the snap connecter or strap. 


The Premiere Glove Holder is a versatile golf accessory making it perfect to attach to a umbrella during those rainy days.


The Premiere Glove Holder is a One of a Kind golf accessory. It is a Unique, Innovative and Simple product that Works.  And, its affordable.

Because there is nothing on the market like the Premiere Glove Holder, for it's intended purpose, it makes a great promotional gift, it can be a great marketing tool by adding a corporate, business, Golf Club or charity logo to it. (See American Flag domed decal)

Dry-It Golf Glove System is proud of this product.  It works!

The Baseball-Softball Glove Holder provides another option for using the Premiere Glove Holder, see page.

 Answer for those rain days. The Premiere Glove Holder




To our friends, Keith Wightman, Head Pro, center, and Brock Witmyer, General Manager, on right at Cleveland Heights Golf Course, Lakeland, Florida for their putting our Premiere Glove Holder in the Pro Shop.

We appreciate your business and the golfers will appreciate dry gloves.

             GRASSLANDS GOLF &

                   COUNTRY CLUB

     A THANK YOU !

To Anthony Guagliardo - Head Pro, center, and staff,

and Grasslands Golf &Country Club for selecting

The Premiere Glove Holder to put their Logo on

for their Members Guest golf tournament.

                                                                      Larrry & Ed

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