This Changes the Golf World!

 . A Place For Your Glove

 . Convenient

 . Dries Multiple Gloves

 . Easily Accessible

 . Fits Any Golf Bag

 . Logo Adaptable

 What is It?...

 Patent US 9,216,342/Patent Pending

  ...A Place for your Glove

"In 2011, my dream was born.  A golfer who one day asked himself, why is there not a product that I could attach my golf glove to, instead of putting in my pocket or attaching to the golf cart roof post, tossing it in the storage areas or finding a place on my golf bag?  And so, a vision came to light - The Premiere Glove Holder!" - Larry Evans

    Not This...

   ...But This 

The Premiere Glove Holder - a two-sided hook and loop pad with snap/socket connector for attaching to a golf bag.  For the new generation golf bag, a hook and loop Strap will make the connection.

This method system provides - A Place for your glove(s).  Always readily accessible right at your bag.  Plus, an added benefit is while the glove(s) remain on the Glove Holder they will "Air Out" and dry Naturally, thereby extending the life of the glove.  Simple!

 Designed by a Golfer for all Golfers

                                                         Premiere Glove Holder

                                                                   Color Straps

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                             Color Straps $3.00 each

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